The Slip Skirt Conquers All!

Let’s Talk about Denim’s Favourite cousin 😉


This is our weekly Girl’s Girl Issue 💗

She’s Versatile

She’s Lightweight

She’s Dependable

Let’s give it up for denim’s padi



Denim is a very difficult material to compete with 👖. We’re still trying to pinpoint when and how it broke into evening wear 🧐

When we began the design process for WUNMII, we really wanted to work with a material that was relatively easy to maintain, affordable and adaptable to everyday life. Silk is gorgeous but very expensive 💸 and Polyester is affordable but not eco friendly♻️. We deliberated on how to position ourselves as a brand and decided that good satin paired with a timeless design was the  best intermediate. So here we are with denim’s girl:

Duchess Satin 🪡

She steps up when we want an ethereal touch to our gait and she’s an easy companion to your quirky taste 🧚🏿‍♂️. The best part about her is that her light NEVER fades 😉

We’d like to offer 3 satin skirts (midi, midaxi or maxi in any colour) at a discounted price of ₦ 16,000 (inc. delivery) to the first 3 customers who DM us on Instagram!


Here’s a layout of different ways you can style our skirts. As usual, we’ve curated a Pinterest Board of looks for you to get lost in.

Have a lovely Saturday!

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Published 17.02.2024