Who is MAMAA??

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Did you notice that we have different greetings on our instagram stories?

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We’re a multifaceted brand!

WÙNMÍÍ is the core of our company. Our dream is to develop a collection of quasi-permanent pieces that are easy to style with your existing wardrobe 👗.

Girl’s Girl is our personality. We’re bubbly, creative, and, most importantly, we support our fellow female entrepreneurs.

MAMAA is our spicy side. She’s a part of our inner circle. She’s a Type A Style Queen with quirky taste… and she knows exactly what she wants – down to her choice in nail polish (we’re talking burnt orange 😉).

If you don’t know already, our first launch under MAMAA was a collection of wood drop earrings, locally made right here in Lagos. In the spirit of MAMAA, we insisted on producing variations of different lengths and chunkiness to appeal to our selective customers. MAMAA is a very intimate, very niche club. She’s afro-chic 💁🏿‍♀️

Oh! And we have a Community Dashboard for you to request and vote for new pieces. You Vote, We Sew 🪡

We’re doing something a bit different today. We’re giving you an inside peek of our owner’s taste in the form of a vision board 👀. These are less than 1% of pins that she has saved for herself. Let us know what you think. Are you ready for us to dig deeper into MAMAA’s world?

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As usual, here’s a Pinterest Board for you to get lost in. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a platform of visuals to get inspired by, and it’s incredibly intuitive! As you click through your favourite images, Pinterest suggests similar content for you to enjoy. We highly recommend using it to discover your personal style. 

Thank you for reading Girl’s Girl Issue 6. Have a lovely weekend 💞

Published 16.03.2024

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